Our Story

Glamwrap was started by Linda Bowes back in 2013. Out on a warm Summer’s night, she was off to dinner and a movie with friends. They chatted about what they were wearing (as girls do!), and agreed they didn’t want to take along jackets, cardigans and chunky scarves just in case the air conditioning was too low – which so often happens, whether you’re at the movies, theatre, restaurants, on a plane… And you can also get caught-out in the cold so easily and unexpectedly, when the sun goes down, or the weather turns cool. Linda thought ‘there must be a better solution’, so Glamwrap was born - a Wrap in a travel pouch for your handbag, ready & waiting for when it was needed.

Fast forward to the end of 2021 and Linda was thinking of winding-up Glamwrap, purely because she was over-committed in too many directions, as happens to many of us. I was a repeat Glamwrap customer who loved the quality and simplicity of the product, as well as the fact it was fully Australian sourced and made. I just couldn’t let that go! So here I am, taking Glamwrap forward, and I hope you can help me spread the word!

Glamwrap - A handbag staple for you, and the perfect Christmas, Mother’s Day and Birthday gift.