About the Product

Glamwrap is very proudly 100% Australian sourced, made & owned

Our superfine merino wool is from farms across Australia. It is milled in Victoria with ethically sourced wool, from non-mulesed sheep. The Wraps and Pouches are then sewn by our master makers in South Australia. Finally, they are shipped to Sydney for distribution. The Wraps come to you in a gorgeous gift box, which is also fully printed and made in Australia.

Wrap Dimensions: The small ‘Traveller’ Wrap is 1.6m long x 60cm deep while the ‘Cocoon’ Wrap is 2m x 75cm deep. Please feel free to buy whichever size you prefer. If you do want some guidance on size; for those under 165cm tall (5’ 5”) and / or under a size 14, I would recommend the Traveller size. While I would recommend the Cocoon size for those over 165cm tall and / or size 14 & above. Please note, slight size variations may occur due to natural fibres.

Wrap Edging – our garments are finished with a Baby Overlock edging. As they are Wraps, rather than scarves, they have a rounded shape along one side. After experimenting with various finishes, Baby Overlock was the only one which didn’t make the fabric bunch-up, or heavily gather on the curved side of the garment.