Soft, superfine merino wraps that fold into travel pouches bring warmth with a touch of luxury
– wherever life takes you.

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Superfine Merino Wool


At the heart of GLAMWRAP is our commitment to fine quality, environmental care and our Australian Made philosophy. Our wraps are made from one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world –superfine merino wool from farms in Victoria’s South West and the Tablelands of New South Wales. A natural and renewable fibre, merino is breathable, thermal, lightweight, incredibly comfortable and soft on the skin. In Melbourne, the wool it is knitted into beautiful fabric that meets our standards of quality, traceability and environmental care. The fabric is then cut, sewn and finished in Adelaide by experts at their craft.

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So many stylish ways to wear.


Versatility in function and style is a Glamwrap hallmark.

Wear it indoors and out to combat a chilly environment, as a substitute garment, to dress up an outfit, to protect shoulders from the sun.

Style it as a neck scarf, around shoulders, wear it loose, or knotted, as a sarong, an on-trend flowing belt or as a 70s-inspired headscarf, the ways to wear are limited by imagination.

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What our customers say….

At every point we aim to make our customers exceedingly happy.