Naturally Merino

After countless hours researching fabrics, discarding one after the other as they failed to meet my criteria, I finally discovered THE perfect fabric - superfine Australian merino wool.

Luxuriously soft


Merino wool is one of the most luxuriously soft and fine fibres in the world.

The fleece is highly sought after for its many amazing qualities – all of which made it the perfect choice for GLAMWRAP.

For a start merino is natural, renewable and biodegradable, closing the loop when the garment is disposed of at end of life by decomposing in soil, releasing nutrients back to the earth. And superfine merino (15 – 18.5 micron) ticked all the other attributes on our list of fabric requirements:

  • Superior drape so garments fall effortlessly and elegantly.
  • Super lightweight to fold easily into the small travel pouch
  • Resistant to wrinkles, ready to wear when needed
  • Easy care and machine washable
  • Elasticity to stretch but spring back to shape
  • And very importantly, the fabric needed to be warm.

Natural comfort


The natural thermal properties of merino react to body temperature to help you stay warm when the weather is cold, and cool in summer – adding to the versatility of GLAMWRAP garments.

Merino also had qualities that were a bonus to our list. It is breathable, stain resistant and, as a natural fibre, merino absorbs UV radiation providing protection from the sun.