I felt – embarrassed I guess is the right word, because despite my involvement in the arts and environment protection, I didn’t know of her.  

Researching for a new colour range, I browsed an interior design book full of evocative imagery and words celebrating colours of the Australian landscape. A snippet of poetry on a page of green caught my eye – and my imagination….

Here where I walk was the green world of a child;
The infinity of day that closed in day,
The widening spiral turning and returning,
The same, and not the same,
That had no end.
      (From The Moving Image, by Judith Wright)

Keen to read more, I Googled, as you do, and found the poem - and the poet.  

Judith Wright; famous Australian poet, literary critic, university lecturer, passionate activist for Aboriginal rights and for the environment. The Centre of Contemporary Arts in Brisbane bears her name. She was an amazing woman.


Source: www.wikipedia.org; Photograph by Heide Smith

I also stumbled upon a beautifully written essay on the very secret 25-year love affair between Judith and ‘Nugget’ Coombs, an economist, governor of the Reserve Bank, and an influential advisor to seven prime ministers. I started reading, and I couldn’t put it down.

Get a cup of tea, settle in somewhere comfortable, and read Fiona Capp’s essay of two souls who, because of position and circumstance, couldn’t always be together but whose love affair endured until Nugget’s death in 1997. It is a beautiful Australian story that belongs in a movie.